Irene Pomirchy Trekell featured artist interview

Irene enjoys painting! The process from choosing a subject, selecting the right technique, and creating my work transports me to the peaceful place full of love and happiness. She calls her artwork a Joyful Art. People positively respond to her paintings; they feel her love for humanity shining through.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Irene attended Kiev Art School, alongside getting an engineering degree from Kiev Industrial College and Bryansk University of Technology. After moving to the US in 1991, Irene took care of her family and raised three wonderful boys. She was painting continuously through the years, exhibiting at Agora Gallery in Manhattan, Monmouth Museum, CVA Gallery, Art Alliance in a Red Bank, personal art shows in Brooklyn, and local exhibitions at Monmouth county government buildings.

Irene’s work found home in numerous houses in the US and abroad. Now that her kids are all grown up, she can come back to her passion and paint full time. Every one of her paintings are one of a kind – she never repeats or copies past artwork. Irene enjoys painting spontaneously; objects and techniques vary and are chosen to better introduce the object. The important part of her style is to balance the flow of colors and texture by creating eye-pleasing art with details and personal elements. Irene’s style is evolving and she’s always thinking about what to paint next.

What’s your preferred medium to paint, and why?
I paint in oil and watercolors. I pick my medium depending on my mood, subject, location and time constraints. I love oil paints for the lush vibrancy, the indefinite mixing choices and the ability to work in layers. Watercolors are a fun fast-drying medium and I use it for small sketches and little paintings on the go.

What’s your favorite and least favorite thing to paint? Why?
There is nothing in the world that I don’t like to paint. I love each and every thing in our beautiful surroundings. The only time I feel a little nervous and self aware is when I have a commission piece to work on. In that case, I usually do a couple of takes on the subject and consult with the client so it’ll become more of a collaboration piece than a work of self expression where I’m completely immersed in the painting process.

When are you the most creative? Morning? Night? Why?
I’m definitely not a morning person. I prefer to paint during the day when there’s good natural lighting. 

What do you listen to when you are painting/creating artwork? Why?
Although I’m an avid classical music fan, when I paint my ideal sounds are the ones of nature – a light breeze, birds chirping, the ocean breathing. The moment I pick up a brush, I’m being transported to another dimension. There’s no multitasking when I’m painting. I hear nothing and lose track of time. That is why I never have dinner cooking on the stove when I’m working. It’ll definitely burn.

Where do you like to paint (outside of a studio)?
My ideal place to paint is in a garden surrounded by blooming flowers and trees. I used to have a rose garden where I liked to paint. When we moved to beautiful California, the ever changing vineyards and lavender fields are my views of choice. 

When you receive unsolicited critiques or comments, how do you feel/how do you react?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are all different and it’s wonderful that people have different taste in art and that there is always something for everyone. 

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