Island beautiful

Memories of our trip to Nha Trang Vietnam. Gorgeous scenery and warm soft waves of the South China Sea. Love at first sight ! Oil on RayMar linen 9″x 12″ $250

Koi Fish

Oil on RayMar linen panel 11″x 14″ $250

Koi fish swimming sparkling in the sunshine. My memories of Tokyo trip.


Oil on RayMar linen panel 11″x 14″ $250

The sweetest lovable baby boy immersed in his play, learning and absorbing what he sees and touches.

Dreams and Wishes

Oil on RayMar linen panel 11″x 14″ $350

The best thing I always loved about fall was being able to walk on dry leaves and make noises with my boots. Colorful leaves paint the world happy. Touch your reflection in the water and make a wish.



Cream Painting

I love to paint peonies. These flowers are pale cream with pink and peach center remind me of a whipped cream with strawberries and they are definitely good enough to eat, no calories 😊 They were fresh and painted from life when it was still warm and peonies in season. Painting is available 22”x28” oil on linen canvas. SOLD to a collector from Pennsylvania.


Pink Sakura


Pink Sakura Painting

My pink Sakura in bloom! Fond memories of spring! Always dreamed of painting this tree. Beauty of nature is awe inspiring. ❤️ This painting is oil on linen. Size: 22x28 Get the Pink Sakura painting as shown above. This is an original copy and no duplicate has been made. The painting without frame. Shipping is included with payment of painting.